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Please upload only .jpg format files.

Also, remember to set your desired sub-folder from the dropdown menu in the upload box before you upload a picture.

You may create a personal album for your Player ID, or any of your characters under the Parent Album: Personal Albums. If it doesn't already exist, feel free to create a tag for your character's name. Please do not upload photos to other people's personal albums.

Any player may add photos to any sub-album in the Community album, you may also create a new album dedicated to an event, period in time, or particular place. When creating a new community sub-album, place it under the Parent Album: Community.

If your newly created album doesn't show up on the drop-down list, try refreshing before you upload.

If you'd like to quickly view all .tga files in a folder, we recommend the free image software, XnView. It allows you to see all the contents of a folder as thumbnails (even .tga images). You can also view them one at a time in a fashion similar to Windows Picture Viewer. XNView includes basic image editing features too.

Get XnView here.

Another great, free program for editing images is GIMP. It's basically an open source version of Photoshop.

You can find GIMP here.